An insight to February 2003

Pablo Solón

 The Government House was full of smoke.  In the corners of the main hall, which is as big as a volleyball court, there were small fires with which they were trying to neutralize tear gas.

About thirty soldiers were bending their heads trying to avoid the harmful effects of tear gas.  The Ministry of Defense, Freddy Teodovich, was talking to Waldo Albarracin, President of the Human Rights Assembly: «we do not want to face the police».  It was 12:30 on 12th February.  Journalists were running here and there while those in charge of security were taking them towards the press room so that they could not continue scenting within the House.  The Ministry of Presidency, Sánchez Berzaín, better known as «the wolf», came downstairs smiling as he usually did and said:   «The situation is being controlled, there is nothing to be worried about, government is not responsible at all….  Nice to meet you, so long».  Outside, at Murillo Square there was a rain of tear gas and the first shots could be heard. Sigue leyendo

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