Bolivia’s Envoy Touts Financial Tax to Fund $100 Billion in Climate Aid

By Alex Morales

Bolivia is pushing for a tax on international financial transactions to help fund $100 billion of climate change aid that developed countries have pledged to provide by 2020.

Under the plan, countries could opt to charge a 0.01 percent tax on any money coming in from abroad for any transaction, Bolivia’s lead climate negotiator, Pablo Solon, said today in Bonn, where two weeks of United Nations climate talks started yesterday. The money would then be paid into a fund that can disburse aid to any country, Solon said. Sigue leyendo

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Path to Solve Climate Talks: Be Clear about Targets and Honour Commitments

by Gadir Lavadenz (13 June 2011)

BONN — Today, Ambassador Pablo Solon of the Plurinational State of Bolivia addressed reporters at the UN climate talks in Germany.  Ambassador Solon outlined a clear plan, based on submissions from other countries and civil society, on how to move the talks forward in 2011. Sigue leyendo

Carbon Market May Bring Financial Bubble, Bolivian Envoy Says

By Andrew Herndon

The global carbon market, valued at about $124 billion in 2010, may create a new financial bubble and is a poor way to address the climate crisis, Bolivia’s United Nations ambassador said.

“The possibility of a new financial bubble that will be created through this carbon market is very big,” Pablo Solon, Bolivia’s ambassador to the UN and the country’s chief climate negotiator, said in a telephone interview. Sigue leyendo