«Nature is not for sale» Interview with Pablo Solon

by Robin van Wechem, June 2012

He wrote one of the most progressive laws for nature conservation. He organized the first international climate conference for common people. And now he wipes the floor with the UN proposal for a ‘green economy’. The Bolivian Pablo Solón thinks we should treat nature with more respect. Sigue leyendo

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At the crossroads between green economy and rights of nature

Pablo Solón

Almost one thousand dolphins are lying dead on the beach. Another five thousand pelicans have also been found dead.  What is the cause of this massacre? There are different explanations. Some argue that it was the offshore oil exploration while others say that these birds are dying because anchovy, their main food, has disappeared as a result of the sudden heating of coastal waters due to climate change. Whatever the explanation, the fact is that during the past months, the coasts off Peru have become the silent witness of what the capitalist system is doing to Nature. Sigue leyendo