El cambio climático es un estado febril del planeta producido por un sistema de explotación, consumo y desperdicio sin limites.


Climate change is a feverish state of the planet produced by a system of exploitation, consumption and waste without limits.

Just as we care when our child has a fever we should worry when the Earth Community suffers climate change.

A contribution to the Climate Space 2013: How to overcome the Climate Crisis?

By Pablo Solón

There is no single answer, no single campaign nor single approach.

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions to a level that avoids catastrophe, we need to:

  • Leave more than two-thirds of the fossil fuel reserves under the soil;
  • Stop the exploitation of tar sands, shale gas and coal;
  • Support small, local, peasant and indigenous community farming while we dismantle big agribusiness that deforests and heats the planet;
  • Promote local production and consumption of products, reducing the free trade of goods that send millions of tons of CO2 while they travel around the world; Sigue leyendo