Some thoughts about the YasuniTT

The preservation of nature and the rights of Mother Earth cannot be based on the expectation that the capitalist world will pay for it based on their environmental debt or that the payment will come without conditions and strings attached. Yes, it is the right and just thing to demand as they have historical responsibility and the polluter needs to pay. The reality though is that we will never be able to make the capitalists pay until we defeat and replace the capitalist system. The idea that the “developed” countries and some corporations were going to voluntarily donate money in order to preserve the YasuniTT was a one in a million possibility. There was the off chance that they would do it to greenwash their images but that would have been a one off gimmick. It was always an illusion to think that the proposal of polluters paying for the preservation of YasuniTT would be made the rule in the current capitalist system.

If we are to make polluters pay, we need to change the balance of forces, or else, as with the tragic example of YasuniTT, everything happens only on their terms. The defense and preservation of Nature and its rights needs to be based not on any expectations from the capitalists, but rather it needs to be based on our own commitment and will.

The defense of the rights of nature can be likened to the defense of human rights. You would never imagine someone threatening to bring back slavery if he or she does not get paid. Defending the rights of nature cannot be based on the promise of compensation. Nature, in the first place, is not a bargaining chip. Nature is not only our home, we belong to nature.


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