The Climate Space and the Future of the Climate Justice Movement

An Interview With Pablo Solon by William Kramer

The battle to change climate change will be mainly in the daily life of people, in the streets, in the forests, in the fields.  And it’s a battle very much related to concrete struggles to stop extractivist projects, to stop REDD projects, to stop the land grabbing.  And also to develop proposals of a systemic alternative.  The climate movement has a very good slogan that is «System Change, Not Climate Change.»  But what does system change mean?  This is something that has not been very much developed in the climate movement.  Sigue leyendo

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«Nature is not for sale» Interview with Pablo Solon

by Robin van Wechem, June 2012

He wrote one of the most progressive laws for nature conservation. He organized the first international climate conference for common people. And now he wipes the floor with the UN proposal for a ‘green economy’. The Bolivian Pablo Solón thinks we should treat nature with more respect. Sigue leyendo